Lose yourself in the sun and sands of the Bahamas

Lose yourself in the sun and sands of the Bahamas

There is also a lot of silk and pure cotton clothing, but a few knockoffs as well, hence the warning to have someone from the local area guide you to the best shops and markets. Leather goods can be had in India for a fraction of the cost here, so if you like leather, go shopping!

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Battery powered LED string lights are great for tent campers with young children. Surrounding the tent with the string lights will create a visible no go area. Your children will know that if they go inside the lights then they will trip over the guy ropes. It also helps adults find their way during those inevitable late night or early morning trips.

While in Montevideo you will see that the people have great pride in their land and history. Plaza Independencia located in the middle of the old city and is a large square lined with beautiful palm trees with a colossal statue paying homage to José Artigas the city's greatest hero. Visitors are allowed to pay their respect by going to the tomb located underground. One building that would be impossible not to see is the Palacio Salvo created by Italian architect Mario Palanti. This magnificent building was once the tallest building in Montevideo. The architecture and design is a mix of neo-romanticism, gothic and classical influences - you can take free elevator ride to the top that will give you breathtaking views of the city.

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The Maldives holds the record for being the flattest country in the world, with a maximum natural ground level of only two metres above sea level. Only 200 of the nearly twelve hundred islands are inhabited, covered by lush tropical vegetation and palm trees. The Maldives' most famous dive site, the Banana Reef, is in the area. This atoll is also a haven for surfers with the Maldives' most famous surf break, ‘Cokes' on the island of Thulusdhoo. The Maldives demands the attention of anyone looking for a uniquely indulgent break, breathtaking nature and sheer beauty that stays with you long after your tan has faded.